Tuesday, June 26, 2012

la la land 1-5: biggt.net

So I was, like, surfing freeindiegam.es for some new games to game, and they were all about cats. Pages and pages of games about cats. Why? I don't know. Priority Cats, Cat Astro Phi, Cat Cat Watermelon, Nyan Nyan Stack, Katwalk, Cat Poke, Feline Feeling... is it some cosmic coincidence? What's going on???? This is a serious question.

But anyway, amongst the felines I found la la land. I was pleased to find nowhere in the title any variant of cat, and downloaded it. I was pleased to find I had downloaded not one, but five games. Pleased, I opened this first file. My computer warned me: "This application has been downloaded from the internet and may be harmful. Do you want to open it anyway?" The fact that my computer says this every time I download something from the internet aside, maybe this time, this one time, it knew something I didn't...

la lal and:
My character looks like a cat. I am slightly crestfallen. The game is flashy, literally. It reminds me of Kidpix, which I like. My only controls are left and right, and my little kitty is often destroyed, replicated, multiplied, popping into and out of existence. Numbers began appearing on the screen, slowly, one number at a time, 1 through to 14. At 14 it stopped, or I just got tired of playing, I'm not exactly sure which. Honestly, I was a bit confused, but also pleased that it wasn't about cats, but something more meta and existential. Right?

la la land 2:
I am a cat. My name is biggt. A fishhead tells me it needs money, and to steal from the rich! There are tears and there is anger and I learn a lesson about money and people, I think.

la la land 3:
It appears I (biggt the cat) am tired of oranges. I get dismantled in a number of ways. The music sounds like some sort of castle quest. I keep smiling. Everyone has baggage, right? I learn a lesson about greed or hermits or something.

la la land 4:
This one is really good, but it's like a nightmare. Maybe I just like it because biggt is a chef and I like chefs and I wish I were a chef. But there are several settings (including the moon ?!?!???!?) and a really Twin Peaksy noble bird man. Like the first one, however, I don't know if I actually made it to the end. Maybe? Maybe. Be persistent, okay? Persistence is key.

la la land 5:
The music is really fun and well chosen in this one. Kind of eerie, really. One is about Amway, how it's so great, and how when you buy in you'll make so much $$$$$ (but, you know, it's being used sarcastically, okay guys? Do you get sarcasm? Sometimes it can be hard.) And the other song is about evolution and how we didn't come from monkeys, no sir! A stubbornly-stuck-in-their-ways comment, perhaps? Watch out for those stubbornly-stuckers, they'll suck you dry.
Also, everything reminded me of Vidiot Game, and I think we all know I like Vidiot Game, or anyway now you know I like Vidiot Game, so that's a good thing. But that aside, in this game you get to throw bibles at people/fishheads and prance around to chipper music, so it's pretty cool.

Everything said, this series is pretty awesome. Also has some super replay value, but not in the "hey you'll find lots of easter eggs" kind of way (although really who knows?). I guess it's probably more like rereading a book. I was surprised and delighted at how frustrated such simple, 2-control games could make me. In a good way! In a good way. If you like to think about the meaning of life and video games. Do you? I do.

And biggt cool cat. Maybe I should not be so swift at passing over the cat games? Maybe. But I played one called, like, Parkitty where you have to lead a very bouncy, sleepy cat outside and it was pretty stupid. Well, it was fun to be a bouncy cat for about 2 minutes. Then I got bored. So... yeah, I don't know.

Here is a link to play the games! Have fun! Use your brains!

My rating:
I could...
a. break my teeth.
b. take it
c. leave it

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